For the Entrant

The staff of the KhAI Aircraft and Helicopter Design Department

invites high school graduates to study in the following specialties:


- Specialty 134 Aviation and Rocket and Space Technologies (Airplanes and Helicopters educational program);

- Specialty 134 Aviation and Rocket and Space Technologies (Aircraft Computer-aided Design and Modelling educational program);

- Specialty 272 Aviation Transport (Maintenance and Repair of Aircraft and Aviation Engines educational program).

Ukraine is one among few countries in the world where aircraft are developed, manufactured and operated, and also qualified personnel is trained to ensure the life cycle of airplanes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. National Aerospace University named after N. E. Zhukovsky “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” is the leading educational establishment in the educational system of Ukraine, training specialists in design, production and testing of aircraft. Training process is based on the most advanced knowledge and achievements and is in demand all over the world.

The KhAI Aircraft and Helicopter Design Department was organized simultaneously with the foundation of the Kharkiv Aviation Institute in 1930. For many decades, the department was involved in activity related with training of specialists for the aviation industry of the USSR, Ukraine, and the world's leading aviation companies. The department staff performs scientific researches that provides scientific and technical progress in the aircraft industry.

Currently, the Department trains Bachelors and Masters in specialty 134 Aviation and Rocket and Space Technologies (Airplanes and Helicopters educational program), specialty 134 Aviation and Rocket and Space Technologies (Aircraft Computer-aided Design and Modelling educational program), specialty 272 Aviation Transport (Maintenance and Repair of Aircraft and Aviation Engines educational program).

The Department staff is responsible for training of post-graduate students and doctoral students in the Aircraft Design, Production and Testing specialty.

Training of bachelors, specialists and masters is based on up-to-date techniques of integrated design, engineering analysis, preparation of aircraft production with a wide application of computer-aided information technologies. Practically the total number of the University departments take part in students education and training.

A graduate of the Aviation and Rocket and Space Technologies specialty is an aircraft and helicopter design engineer with a qualification level of "Bachelor of Art" and "Master", who is able to work at public and private companies of the aviation industry, at general engineering factories, in research institutes, design offices in Ukraine and abroad.

A graduate of the Aviation Transport specialty is a mechanical engineer for the operation and maintenance of aircraft with a qualification level of "Bachelor of Art" and "Master", who is able to work at public and private companies related to the operation and maintenance of aircraft in design and scientific organizations of Ukraine aviation industry.

The trends in training that have emerged in recent decades: transition to paperless technology in the design, shortening the design time, improving the efficiency of aviation, require the use of computer integrated systems in the aircraft design process.

In this regard, with the help of Antonov State Company, the KhAI University Administration, Quality, EDS and Digital Companies, Quality, Reliability, Computerization Scientific and Technical Society the CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM Training and Research Center was established on the KhAI base. This allows students and teachers of the Department to study the methodology of creating aircraft with the help of modern computer-aided design and modeling systems, production preparation and engineering analysis of aircraft.

High training level of professional subjects is obtained by implementing new scientific research results and training techniques in the educational process, their information support by application of integrated computer systems (Siemens NX, CATIA, ANSYS, COMPAS).

Current activity of the Department is based on curricula approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine. The training process is conducted to meet the requirements specified in the Strategy for the development of the Ukrainian aviation industry for the period up to 2020, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; Air Code of Ukraine; Airworthiness Requirements of aviation regulations; requirements of international aviation organizations such as IAC, ICAO, EuroControl, EASA.

According to old tradition, the department students participate in the research, production and methodological work of the department. While the department foundation has been in progress and until it has been proved as scientifically authorized aviation organization, the teachers of the department together with the students developed a project of aircraft KhAI-1. It was the first airplane at that time with retractable landing gear. This is a single example in the world when a plane created by students has been put into series production.

Research work in the scientific and research laboratory with reference to aircraft structure lifetime and on the basis of the CAD / CAM / CAE Training and Research Center, as well as conducting the educational process at Antonov SC (Kiev), at KSAMC (Kharkiv) under the guidance of teachers and specialists of the aviation industry help to ensure high level of training of modern specialists.

Students are trained by an experienced, qualified staff of the department. Alexander G. Grebenikov, Dr. of Science, Professor, Honored Employee in the Field of Ukrainian Educational System is the Head of the Department. The department staff includes 7 professors, 17 associate professors and 16 senior lecturers. Teachers of the department regularly improve their skills by performing jointly research and development work at leading aviation companies not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries. At these companies they undergo on-the-job training, gain knowledge about new trends in the aircraft industry, consolidate their knowledge in designing the aircraft latest models. Employees of the department participate in joint projects with various aviation production companies and scientific organizations, and thus maintain and confirm their high professional level.

The Department has a library of educational and scientific publications issued throughout the world as far as aircraft engineering is concerned and regularly develops and publishes educational and methodological papers.

The educational base of the Department includes the following specialized laboratories: aircraft structure laboratory named after O. Antonov (General Designer); helicopter structure laboratory; aircraft maintenance laboratory; scientific and research laboratory with reference to aircraft structure lifetime; power plant laboratory; computer aided systems classroom named after P. Balabuev (General Designer); CAD / CAM / CAE educational and scientific center; training center incorporated in ANTONOV SC.

In laboratories, students study the design features of one-to-one size aircraft, helicopters, their units, components, parts and systems.

Laboratories are equipped with special facilities for research and experimental work to ensure the aircraft lifetime.

The Department classrooms are equipped with modern computers with the latest specialized computer modeling systems. Each workplace is connected to common university network and has access to the Internet.

Production practice plays significant role in the training of aviation specialists. Students practice at the following enterprises of the Ukraine aviation industry: Antonov SC, KSAMC, at airports, and also on the basis of other state and private aviation companies.

Level of knowledge and skills of our students is confirmed by their participation in specialized All-Ukrainian and International Olympiads, where they occupy winning places.

Quality of training of aviation specialists being graduated is highly valued abroad Ukraine.

The Department provides training for citizens of different countries (India, China, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, Vietnam, Georgia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka) in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. Currently, we have more foreign students. This fact testifies to the international recognition of the experience, achievements and level of training of aviation specialists by the Aircraft and Helicopter Design Department.

Teachers of the department not only provide study of students of foreign companies, but also conduct training to improve skills of employees of Ukrainian aviation companies (Antonov SC, KSAMC, Motor Sich), as well as of the companies of other countries (Iran, China, etc.)

Employees and students of the Department have ample opportunities for organizing leisure time after hours. The Men in White legendary KVN team was organized, including the graduates of the Department. Today, teachers and students of the Department organize various cultural events (KVN competitions, humor events, holiday entertainment concerts), actively participate in various cultural events of the University and Kharkiv region.

Students of the Department are active participants in the sports life of our University and the city of Kharkiv.

The staff and students of the university, including our Department have possibility to spend time at the Prolisok recreational center.

OUR graduates possess fundamental knowledge and are in demand in all areas of human activity: in science and technology, in state and public establishments, they work at aviation companies all over the world.

It is OUR GRADUATES are involved in the creation and operation of Aircraft and made a significant contribution to the development of aviation science and technology in the world.

Among the graduates of the Department are such famous people as following:

P. Balabuev, Hero of Ukraine, General Designer of Antonov SC, Dr. Tech. Sciences, Professor; D. Kiva, Hero of Ukraine, President - General Designer of Antonov SC, Dr. Tech. Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Employee of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Laureate of the State Prize, Antonov Prize of the NAS of Ukraine; А. Myalitsa, Hero of Ukraine, KSAMC General Director, Dr. Tech. Sciences, Professor, Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, Honored Machine Builder of Ukraine; V. Korolj, First Vice-President - General Director of Antonov SC, Dr. Tech. Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine; S. Bychkov, Chief Engineer of Antonov SC, Dr. Tech. Sciences, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Engineering; V. Tolmachyov, Technical Director of the Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies, Dr. Tech. Sciences, Professor, Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Member of the International Academy of Inventors, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine; and many others.

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