Open information and computer integrated technologies are the basis of quality and efficiency of production, science and educational process.

The methodology for aircraft design using CATIA, SIEMENS NX, NASTRAN NX, ANSYS, Compass has been developed in the CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM educational and research center of the National Aerospace University “KhAI”.

The center implements the concept of training students, industry, science and education specialists to work in the conditions of computer integrated production.

Training of students in open information and computer integrated systems is started during the beginning courses from the study of light and medium CAD/CAM, the Compass system and is continued with studying during the senior courses by mastering the CATIA, SIEMENS NX, NASTRAN NX, ANSYS systems

Skills for work in these systems are reinforced during course and diploma design process. Classes are conducted by experienced teachers and specialists that ensures effective mastering of these systems and methodology of computer modeling, analysis, preparation of production and management of the aircraft design process.

With the help of CAD/CAM/CAE, CATIA and SIEMENS NX computer integrated systems students, teachers and university staff perform work on the design and modeling of various aircraft and their structural elements, design technological equipment, create control programs for CNC machines, analyze stress-and-strain state of the structural elements according to the NASTRAN NX and ANSYS systems.